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5-year Warranty & welded Seams

Hala boards are built with a welded seam on top of two glued seams.

Hala's welded third seal will stand the test of time and temperature for years. Our warranty, performance shapes, and proprietary materials mean there isn't a better inflatable paddle board.

Get it once, and get it right. Hala!

Stompbox 2

Retractable Fin

Enjoy the tracking and drive of a 9" fin knowing it will retract when things get shallow and then spring back into action!

All-water SUP kits

Sup + Paddle + More

Remember: No ankle leashes on moving water

Releasable Leash

Convertible Quick Release and Ankle Leash


Dive into the SUP lifestyle with tips, tricks, and board suggestions to fit your adventure courtesy of our industry pros!


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Gear of the Year: Stompbox 2.0


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