Nass Tour EX Inflatable SUP Kit



 | 12'6" x 30" x 6"

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The Nass Tour is a touring inflatable SUP designed to crush miles. At 12’6”, the Nass Tour has the glide, rigidity, and speed to take you anywhere. Hala Gear's patented Tour EX material offers unparalleled rigidity and stiffness while still offering the freedom of portability.

The black strip is our new Tour Ex Material. An evolution of our carbon design, the Tour Ex material makes our boards more rigid than any other inflatable on the market. The added stiffness provides more glide, precision, and speed than a typical PVC inflatable.

Kit includes:

  • Lever-lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle
  • Backcountry Rolling Backpack
  • Hand Pump
  • Fin
  • Repair kit

      "The Nass 12'6 is stable, turns well, rides well and can easily take a load of equipment from spearguns, snorkel sets, beer coolers, etc."

      - Steve Haumschild

      Protected by Patent Number 8273427

      Carbon Nass-T

      The Carbon Nass is a longer and more narrow version of the Carbon Nass-T. [14' x 28" x 4.75"]

      5 year warranty

      5-year warranty

      Hala Gear offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on every SUP. We use quality materials and a unique construction process to create top-of-the-line boards that are built to last.

      Every seam is double-glued and mechanically welded to guarantee durability for decades to come. No matter how many times you roll your board, how you store it, or where you paddle, your SUP will withstand any adventure.

      • Included with SUP: Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Paddle, Fins, Hand Pump, Repair Kit
      • Included Paddle: Leverlock Carbon Travel Paddle
      • Backpack Dimensions: Medium (12" x 18" x 38")
      • Fin Boxes: Air7 (US Standard) Center Fin Box
      • Fins: 9” Center Fin
      • Board Shape: Touring Shape with Glide Rocker and Tapered Square Tail
      • Board Construction: Woven Dropstitch Construction with Welded Seams and Tour EX Rigidity
      • Rigging Options: 12 Soft Rigging Points with Nose Bungee
      • D-Rings: Tail D-Ring
      • Handles: Cloth Nose Handle, Cloth Tail Handle, and Center Step-Flat Soft Handle
      • Deckpad: Croc Skin EVA Deck Pad with 1.5” Raised StompPad and Rear Foot Index
      • Board Warranty: Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty
      • Included Accessory Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

      Board Dimensions: 12'6
      Easy-carry nose and tail handles. Shock cord quick stash. 10 soft and centralized rigging points. diamond groove 4mm eva deck pad. tail d ring. Padded step-flat center handle. 9

      What's in the Kit

      • Adjustable Carbon Paddle

        Adjustable Carbon Paddle

      • Hand Pump

        Hand Pump

      • 9 inch race fin


      • Rolling Backpack

        Rolling Backpack

      • Repair Kit

        Repair Kit

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Jason P.
      Great ocean board

      I use this board on the ocean and take it with me when traveling to Mexico. It travels very well and handles paddling in the ocean like a champ! Very stable even and rough water. I paddle many miles out and trust this board to to get me back safely every time.

      Jamey W.
      Love my Hala Nass Tour Ex!!!

      I love this board! It is super stable and a great board for touring and fitness. This is a very durable, well designed board. So durable that it survived being run over by a car at the launch area! I couldn’t believe the board was not damaged, only a few minor scrapes! I highly recommend this board and a big thank you to CKS for the amazing customer service and speedy delivery!