SUP Ankle Leash


Flat Water and Ocean Surfing

Available in 9’, 10’, and 12’ Keep your board close to you if you fall off and go for a swim! Our comfortable ankle leash is a great tool while you are paddling flatwater or ocean surfing. Not only is it convenient to save you swim time chasing your board if you fall off when paddling in flatwater and or ocean surf, it can save your life if you are paddling in open or cold water. It is very important that you never use an ankle leash on a river or fast water as it can be detrimental and even fatal. For moving water safety, please check out our Releasable Leashes.
  • Straight Body
  • Comfortable Ankle Cuff
  • Recommended for Carbon Series, Rival Series, and Surf Series in flat water or ocean surfing environments. 
SUP Tip For Safe Playtime **A leash is an important tool when it comes to paddle boarding. But as with any tool, knowledge of proper use in different environments is required to gain the benefits without compromising safety. For more information about proper leash usage, please check out our Safety page.

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