SUP Rocker Profiles

From the beginning Hala Gear set out to make the highest-performing inflatable SUPs on the market. We think one of the most important SUP performance characteristics is Rocker profile, and each of our four profiles is unique to the design shape (and intended use) of the paddleboard. 


Hala Gear | intentional design


Hala Gear features a range of nose and tail rocker options to enhance your adventure wherever you paddle. We've finessed combinations of nose and tail rocker to help you put your center of balance where it needs to be to find the perfect mixture of speed and maneuverability on any water!

Peno, Milligram, Playita

Surf Rocker

Hala’s Surf Rocker features the minimal rise found in the tail of our Glide Rocker and the precise curve found in the nose of our River Rocker. Your center of balance sits farther back to allow the nose to naturally stand tall providing the perfect mixture of speed and maneuverability on the face of any wave!

Rado, Radito, Atcha Series

River Rocker

Hala’s River Rocker curves precisely from tip-to-tail for superior maneuvarability and surfability. Punch big holes, surf small pockets and big river waves, and hop eddy fences like a pro. 

Hoss, Straight Up, Fame

Progressive Rocker

Hala's Progressive Rocker is designed to be playful in the waves and snappy along the flatwater sections of river. The nose rocker is punchy, the middle of the SUP is reasonably flat, and tail rocker gives you quick directional control. This paddleboard strikes the perfect balance between the sportiness of River Rocker and the speed of Glide Rocker.

Playa, Asana, Carbon Series

Glide Rocker

Hala’s Glide Rocker features a mellow nose rocker, a flat middle for traction, and minimal tail rocker for optimized glide and speed. This SUP shape keeps enough maneuverability for responsiveness in any environment along with the speed you need to glide across the water.