Rigid Boards

Our material is more rigid than anyone's

Check out how our material compares to the basic, PVC mixed with cloth carbon-fiber you may have seen. Our "carbon" has always been about a sophisticated material with much better properties.

Stiffer, Not-Carbon Stringers

Our stiffening stringers are the best, unrivaled in the industry.

They no longer contain carbon fiber.

Yes, we still make the most rigid inflatable boards on the planet.

I know, we've been talking about our carbon for years, but carbon fiber was not actually a critical ingredient in manufacturing our specialized stringers.

Nevertheless, early in 2015 we shortened the material's name to “Carbon”... It was faster than “Ultra-high-strength glass fibers embedded in a thermoplastic polymer matrix,” and these boards are fast.

Our new “Carbon” is both lighter and higher-modulus (stiffer).

…Maybe we’ll rename it the “Not-Carbon Series”...

Just dig into our unrivaled, space-age, patented material that makes your board rigid, fast, and high-performance.

What Does the (not) Carbon Do?

Rigid = More Speed