Rigid Boards

Non-carbon Stringers

Our stiffening stringers are unrivaled in the industry.

The best part is that they no longer contain carbon fiber.

And although we’ve been talking about our carbon for years, we have since discovered that carbon fiber was not the critical ingredient in manufacturing our specialized stringers.

We are now using a new space-age patented material we’ve named Tour EX to continue making the most rigid inflatable boards on the planet.

Our new “Carbon” is lighter and has a higher modulus making it stiffer and more rigid than ever, and we’re calling it: The Tour EX Series.

Rigidity Above All

Our new patented Tour EX material specifically lends itself to rigid, stable boards that perform and move like hard boards but still roll up for travel and storage. 

Compare our material to the basic PVC/Carbon-Fiber boards on the market to truly experience how our sophisticated material has superior properties.

Why Non-Carbon?

More Rigidity = More Speed, Stability, and Control