Hala Asana Kit


 | 10'6" x 34" x 6"

The Asana is the perfect paddleboard for yogis who want to take their practice to the water and challenge their balance in the splendor of great settings. With its symmetric nose + tail shape, versatile fin setup, and classic Hala quality, the Asana inspires balance, flexibility and strength in its paddlers and creates the opportunity to connect mind, body, spirit and flow.

The wide, stable platform of the Asana is ideal for anyone wanting the most stable, easy-to-balance paddleboard - and those seeking to bring copilots, such as kids or dogs - and extra gear along for the adventure. The Asana Kit comes complete with an industry-best inclusion paddle, pump, rolling backpack, fins and repair kit.

Why choose the Asana over our other all-around boards? The Asana is wide from tip to tail to maximize stability and deck space and is a little more focused on balance than speed.

      shock cord quick stash. 4 soft and centralized rigging points. diamond groove 4mm eva deck pad. tail d ring. nose and tail handles for easy carrying. soft padded center step flat handle. 5 year warranty. 8


      • Included With SUP: LeverLock Adjustable Carbon Paddle, Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Hand Pump, Repair Kit
      • Board Shape: Large All-Around Board with Progressive SUP Rocker and Directional Twin Shape (Symmetric Nose and Tail)
      • Fin: 8” Center Flex Fin
      • Thick Fusion Construction™ w/ Welded Seams
      • 4 Soft and Centralized Rigging Points with Bungee Cord and Tail D Ring
      • Nose and Tail Handles and center Step-Flat Soft Handle for easy transport
      • Diamond Groove EVA Deck Pad with 1.5” Raised Stomp Pad
      • Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty

      What's in the Kit

      • Adjustable Carbon Paddle

        Adjustable Carbon Paddle

      • Hand Pump

        Hand Pump

      • 8 inch center flex fin


      • Rolling Backpack

        Rolling Backpack

      • Repair Kit

        Repair Kit

      board dimensions: 10'6


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