The Perfect Board for Athletes

The Rival Playa is the perfect tool for keep-fit buffs that want a fun and unique way to exercise this fall and winter.

Because Hala Gear is a company founded and run by athletes, there was an obvious need to create a high-quality board for other like-minded individuals. After a few years of designing, prototyping, and testing different paddleboard shapes, we rolled out the Rival Playa with the confidence of knowing it's best all-around model we’ve ever designed.

It Won't Slow You Down

Anyone who has paddled this board quickly discovers that not only is 32" of width enough, it's ideal. Wider boards offer stability that beginners love, but speed is obvious trade-off.

Luckily, the Rival Playa is not sluggish. At all.

Sportier people will love the speed they can gain on this inflatable SUP, without the worry of wobbling all over the board. Athletes short on time can finish any paddling exercise in a pinch.

The board construction is lightweight, yet the rocker allows this board to be playful and surf. I really wanted to design a board that could be – and do – all of these things, while still being great on lakes and offer great glide. A little speed is a lot more fun.

–Peter Hall, President

Rival Playa

Grow as You Go

Everyone thinks they need a big stable board. Most actually don't, especially someone who is athletically inclined.

Exercising with a stand up paddleboard isn't necessarily about having prior SUPing skills. Instead, it’s about reaching a level of comfort. The more often you get on top of your board, the easier it will be to handle and use your board how you see fit (see what we did there!?). Much like any sport, confidence builds over time with tenacious practice.

Rather than master on the first try, theRival Playa is a board athletes will grow into and learn with. It's time to expand the  idea of what exercising could look like.

In my opinion, the Rival Playa is Hala's best balance of speed and agility. It's a great all-arounder for an intermediate to advanced paddlers or for a beginner who is looking for more performance than your standard iSUP.

–Nick Gilbert, Warranty Manager

Rival Playa

Rocker, Who?

The rocker profile on the Rival Playa is a bit more aggressive than Hala's other all-around boards. The upward curve on the nose of this board is great for dropping into surfs or cutting through chop on a lake.

It’s a well-shaped board that can be used confidently, and interchangeably, in so many different situations. The narrow nose, combined with it's rocker, prevents on-the-water drag. Get speedy on flatwater or ferry across the river to access those more remote climbing pitches. 

With the Rival Playa, athletes are provided all the options to get unique and fun workouts in. 

It’s fun to walk back on the board and lift the nose up to try and spin. It's a great practice to increase balance skills.

–Colleen King, Bookkeeper

Rival Playa

Less Weight, More Miles

With it's sleek shape and ample nose rocker, this board can be taken to any water source for a decent workout.

If you're one of the lucky ones that happens to live in an area with potential for lakes, rivers, and oceans to paddle, the Rival Playa is a reliable companion.

But what about getting to the water?

At 24 lbs, the Rival Playa is super easy to carry from the woods to the water, or from the parking lot to the beach, or from the car to the put in.

This board does it all. It rolls into a bag and I can hike with it. I can complete pivot turns on a river, or light touring on the open sea. Plus, I can confidently hand it off to a friend and know they'll enjoy it for their own paddles

–Paul Clark, Tech Rep

Rival Playa

Big Plans on a Little Budget

The pricing of this board is fantastic for someone looking to invest in a high-quality piece of exercise equipment.

Not only that, but the Rival Playa comes with a hand-pump for easy inflation (also a great warm-up workout), a travel bag to take your board wherever you want, and a robust B-Line Travel Paddle.

When we travel internationally, the Rival Playa is the board our employees check at the gate. It doesn't matter where we may be going or what our paddling plans may be because we know the Rival Playa will be able to get it done on oceans, rivers, and lakes around the world.

It's everything you need, at a price point athletes can appreciate. It's the full SUP package to keep you fit as a fiddle.

Whenever I ask people what kind of board they're looking for, they want a board that can do 100 things. Much like skis, that just isn’t possible. BUT, if you want a board that can do a little bit of everything, you’ve found it in the Rival Playa

–Jeremiah Williams, Customer Service

Rival Playa

Final Thoughts

It is the quintessential one-quiver board for those people who want to do EVERYTHING. Athletes can push themselves on any type of water without compromising performance or their exercise. 

It's fast as hell!

–Josh Fix, Sales Director

Photos courtesy of Karla Held, Maria Schultz, and Mountain Surf Co.
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