Fall Paddling is Where It's At!

Don’t pack away your SUP just yet… Fall paddling is where it’s at! 

Fall SUP Paddling

Ah, Fall....when the air gets cooler, leaves change to golden hues, and everything becomes Pumpkin Spice flavor. Autumn is one of the best seasons to be out on the water. Crowds disappear and the warm water temperatures mean mid-day paddling is still super fun! 

Fall paddling is peaceful – especially if you can find flat water in an area with changing leaves. The reflection of the color and sky is pretty epic. While it might not be as warm as a summer day, the lack of crowds makes for great private paddles. If you pack wisely you can still get a swim in provided you bring a change of clothes. 

Our Favorite Fall SUPs:

Playa Hoss


Here are a few tips to help you ride out the paddle season in comfort! 

Dry Bag - A useful addition to any water sport. Having a dry bag allows for you to put a change of clothes on your board should you decide to go for a swim or if you find the air temps to be a bit chilly.

Wetsuit or Wind Breaker - Warm days in Fall can still feel crisp. A light 1mil wetsuit is a great way to get wet and still be warm when it's a little cooler out. If a wetsuit investment isn’t in the cards then consider bringing a windbreaker to help cut down on the chill from air touching wet skin 

Snacks - Cooler temps mean more caloric intake to heat your body so make sure to bring along some goods to crave the hangry emotions for all paddlers in your crew 

Stretching - A few shoulder stretches go a long way to warm up and cool down before you paddle. Consider childs pose or bridge to move the back and arms and prevent stiffness in the cooler temps. For more paddleboard poses, check out this list

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Original October 19, 2020 Post by Adi Carter

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