Reflections from the Colorado River

Bringing whitewater SUP boards on lengthy Grand Canyon trips is becoming more and more common. 

Colorado River SUP

Top Reasons to Bring a SUP

Temperature regulation. If you're too cold, simply paddle harder/faster, and work to get your heart rate up. If you're too warm, use your SUP as a platform to jump into the current and cool down in the 50 degree water. 

It's Your Own Island. Sometimes, being with 8-16 people for 10+ days on the river can be really exhausting. A SUP provides the unique opportunity to have some solo-time in The Big Ditch. 

Grand Canyon SUP

Exploring More. Since it’s not too hard to paddle ahead or catch up to the raft pack on your paddleboard, you have the option to check out side canyons, creeks, and other river features at your leisure. Paddleboarding is so versatile and mobile - it really can go most places you want to put it.  Just remember to stay safe and use good judgement if you are exploring on your own.

Surf on the Fly. If you bring a Hala Whitewater SUP board, turn your nose upriver and try and catch some playful waves found throughout the entire canyon.

Grand Canyon Paddleboarding

Hala Rado SUP

Photos by Ari Kosel and Max Swenson.

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