Hala Goes to Mexico

As an escape from the frigid Saskatchewan winters, my wife, a few friends, and I headed to picturesque Sayulita, Mexico

And we brought our SUP Boards. 

Traveling with a SUP board is easier than you might think and saved us from renting gear when we arrived. Flying the boards costs $40 each, whereas renting a board can be anywhere from $100/week for a surfboard to over $250 for a SUP. 

Flying with our Boards

The best part about our boards is the roller bag they came with. Not only did the bags fit our boards, paddles, and pump, but we also had room for snorkel gear and camp chairs. Moving through the airport was a breeze with the wheels, which were also handy for wheeling our bags around town when we landed.

Even with the boards, paddles, pump, snorkel gear, camp chairs, and multiple pairs of shoes and bottles of sunscreen, we were still well below the weight limit - around 20kg.

The Surf

When we got to Sayulita, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, the surf was small but perfect for catching waves with the SUP. My wife and brother-in-law caught a few waves into shore. Between our boards, we found that the Carbon Playa was better suited for ocean surfing. However, we were all catching waves on the Hoss as well. So fun! 

We headed north up the coast for the second half of the trip, and there wasn’t much for surfing. But that’s the beauty of taking SUPs with you. We could use them as traditional paddleboards as we explored the coastline and calm water of the bay.

We got out at least once every day for a paddle on the water right in front of our Airbnb. My wife and I even paddled to a nearby island in the morning. We had the beaches to ourselves before the tourist boats arrived. 

Whale Watching

My brother-in-law and I went for a morning paddle on our last morning in Mexico. In the distance, we saw a large humpback whale come entirely out of the water and make a huge splash as it landed on its back. 

A few minutes later, a smaller whale, possibly a calf, crossed paths with us, and we hung out and watched it breach and breathe only a handful of feet from us for about 10 minutes. Unbelievable. 

Always Bring the SUP!

Flying with a SUP board is virtually pain-free and so worth it! We could explore the area, find secret beaches, and experience once-in-a-lifetime whale watching, all from the top of our paddle boards. 

Packing the boards, rolling them around, and taking them with us is now a no-brainer. They are versatile, fun, and so easy. In other words, bring your board on your next adventure; you won’t regret it!


Jeremy Olson currently lives in Saskatoon. When he's not on the water, Jeremy works as a Chemist and tennis instructor. His current SUP goal involves paddling all-year round even if that means going out in 0°F weather.

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