Pre-Order Your Hala Gear SUP

Orders placed after November 10, 2020 will ship in the second batch. See more information below. 

If you are shopping for a new paddleboard, you have most likely experienced difficulty finding the board you want. The current pandemic has had a great effect on our industry's supply chain. Hala Gear is currently taking SUP pre-orders.

The following boards from our second batch will be arriving in January 2021:

How do I get my name on one of those paddleboards?

It's simple! You need to place a pre-order (see steps below). A pre-order will get you in line and with the holidays just around the corner, the timing is perfect!

If you are not sure which paddleboard is right for you, our team is ready to assist. We'd love to go over all the options with you. Please email with any model questions. 

How do I place a pre-order?

1. Add your paddleboard to your cart. Any SUP that is on backorder will have a badge indicating a backorder on the product page.

2. Purchase your paddleboard and sit back knowing that you have a solid spot in line! 

How long will it take to get my paddleboard?

A pre-order 100% secures your spot in line, first come first serve. Right now, we are expecting two shipment of boards. One will arrive in late November, another will arrive in late December. Please email to see where your spot in line is. 

What is the fine print to a pre-order?

1. All pre-orders must be paid in full. 
2. All pre-orders are 100% refundable up until your SUP is shipped (you will lose your place in line)
3. Pre-orders may not be discounted.

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