Adaptive Paddling with your SUP

For the past 3 years, I have been using a Hala Gear stand up paddleboard and I just absolutely love them. My Hala Hoss and Hala Rado have been ideal for wheelchair attachment. The boards are very stable and quite easy to get on. Each board offers rigging points, either as nylon loops or metal D-rings, which offer me solid options for attachment – I have even attached a shower bench to my board.

Last year, I had the fortune of attending CDA Ladies Ruby Horsethief Canyon river trip. I completed most of the trip on my Hala SUP, despite encountering some thunderstorms and white caps! You would be amazed at how much it takes to flip a Hala Hoss (we practiced at the lake before going on the river).

Adaptive SUP

I often strive to leave my wheelchair behind when I participate in challenging activities, but when I am paddling my board, I feel like the chair is part of me. I find SUPing to be so therapeutic, especially since our lives have become so consistently busy. When I get on my board, I feel time slow down. It is also wonderful to be out with friends and family instead of sitting on the sidelines.

My boards are thoughtfully crafted and incredibly durable. The 6″ rail thickness is an added plus. Hala Gear provides everything I need to be independent in SUPing from a wheeling bag to additional quick-grab handles. I love using Hala’s 12V High Pressure Electric Pump because it allows me to quickly and easily inflate my board to optimum pressure. I also prefer my Hala Gear inflatable SUP to a hardboard (which would be quite difficult for me to manage) because it stores easily while leaving extra room for other gear!

Hala Gear SUPs are utilized by Colorado Discover Ability in Grand Junction and Crested Butte Adaptive in their respective programming.

Uschi Hall is an ambassador for Hala Gear.

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