10 Questions Answered About Hala SUP

In this video we answer ten common questions people ask about Hala paddle boards.

1. What/Who is Hala? (0:35)
2. What's the Hala StompBox retractable Fin System? (1:26)
3. Carbon stringer on an inflatable paddle board? (2:29)
4. Difference Between Carbon and All Water Series Hala isup boards? (3:10)
5. Does the inclusion paddle that comes with the boards sink? (5:08)
6. What's the best board? (7:21)
7. Fins, why does Hala have so many different fins? (9:03)
8. What's in the bag? What comes with the Hala paddle boards? (11:42)
9. Hala has a five year warranty? (14:23)
10. Where to get Hala paddle boards? (15:11)

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