Hala Gear creates a variety of SUP styles to fit your paddling adventures. Whether you enjoy your paddleboarding on flat water, rivers or ocean, we have a SUP that suits your needs. All our SUPs use advanced technology that allows us to offer a 5-year warranty with each board we sell.

We make SUP Kits, which include a high-quality SUP paddle, and Specialty SUPs, like whitewater- and surf-specific boards with epic features. No matter your SUP paddle adventure dreams, we have a board designed to support them: Whitewater, Surf, Fish, Yoga, Lake, Ocean, River + more!

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Visit our SUP Finder to answer a set of questions to help us find the right board for you or keep scrolling to see why we offer the SUPs we do. Each Hala Inflatable Paddleboard fills a specific set of uses.

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all-water sup kits

hala gear all-water sup

Our all-water SUPs are designed to perform on flat and moving water. Take them wherever you paddle and have a great time!

What's in your SUP Kit

Adjustable Travel Paddle

A Hala Gear LEVERLOCK® ADJUSTABLE CARBON TRAVEL PADDLE is included with all SUP Kits. This top-of-the-line inclusion paddle ensures you're ready to grab your life jacket and hit the water.

This will fit in your SUP bag making transport super easy so you can adventure anywhere you want.

Carbon SUP Kits

Why would you want a


Stability. Extreme Stability. Our carbon stringers are substantial and still lightweight (thanks to epic tech), and we put them on the top and bottom of our SUP air bladders making a Super SUP Sandwich that keeps your SUP stable, rigid + fast.

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Hala Gear 5-year warranty

Welded Seams

Hala makes the best manufacturing decisions, which is why our SUPs are just better. Featuring myriad technology that pushes the sport and our experience to new levels, now even the seams of our SUPs are making waves.

The seam glue used in most SUPs can deteriorate over time. Hala Gear SUPs feature a welded third seal.

Not only are we including an extra seam; this extra seam is mechanically welded (using heat and pressure) to stand the test of time and temperature for years to come. Combined with other manufacturing choices - this technology allows us to offer a 5-year warranty with every SUP we sell.

All-water + Stompbox 2

Adventure SUP Kits

what is a stompbox 2.0?

A lifesaver! The Stompbox 2.0 Retractable Center Fin System is Hala Gear's tech that lets your SUP's center fin retract back into the SUP upon contact with obstacles. Ever seen anyone SuperMan off their SUP? Well with this center fin system, you wont be that guy or gal.

The Stompbox 2.0 also is easily removed for easy SUP packing and transport. Get ready for the most fun ride of your life!

Specialty SUP: Surf + Whitewater (with Stompbox 2.0)

Hala Gear River SUP

Thick Fusion Drop Stitch

Our River SUPs are constructed with high-end, multi-coated drop stitch. This construction choice keeps your SUP beefier for improved abrasion resistance in all environments without adding weight.

Hala SUPs carry a 5-year warranty

Built to perform, built to last.

Whether you're into stomping whitewater, cruising peaceful lakes, or riding ocean surf your Hala Gear SUP is ready for the ride. 

Our boards carry a 5-year warranty because we use only premium materials and bombproof board construction processes. You can feel confident when you step off shore, knowing your SUP will stand up to any adventure conditions you throw it in.


Outdoor Master High Pressure SUP Pump

Shark II High Pressure SUP Pump



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