Travel-tough Rolling Backpack

Hala’s Rival Backpack

Portability. It’s one of the biggest perks to having an inflatable board. But HOW you transport it makes a difference. The Hala Travel-tough Rolling Backpack rolls easily behind you like a suitcase when the road is smooth. And padded shoulder straps combined with a waist belt creates comfort while you backpack into uncharted waterways. An improved zipper outline make stowing your board hassle free while 2 compression straps help to make it even more compact. So pack up and roll out on your next adventure. **ALL Rival Series Boards include this bag
  • Rolling wheels for easy transport
  • Shoulder straps with extra padding (tuck away pocket for travelling)
  • Hip belt for extra support
  • Improved zipper outline
  • 3 x Compression Straps
  • Woven nylon fabric creates lasting durability
If you like this bag, check out our Backcountry Rolling Backpack. The most comfortable SUP bag you’ll find, it’s the luxurious experience. Extra lumbar support and an additional 2 compression straps, you’ll strap down and pack out to your next adventure in style.
Backpack Size Selection:
  • Small: Rival Nass, Rival Playa
  • Medium: Rival Hoss, Rival Straight Up, Rival Asana
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