Rival B-Line


Adjustable Carbon Travel Paddle
The Hala Gear Rival B-Line SUP Paddle is a lightweight, no-twist carbon shaft, inclusion paddle that will set any beginner up for success in paddling. A clamped adjustable handle makes this perfect to share with all your friends and family or fit specifically to your height. Break it down and zip it all up into your Hala Rival bag and hit the road! This 3 piece carbon paddle is the best beginner paddle on the market!
  • Clamped, Adjustable, No-Twist Handle
  • Lightweight Carbon Shaft
  • Pin Travel Mechanism
  • Impact Resistant Reinforced Plastic Blade
  • Adjusts from 68" to 90"

Need help sizing the paddle? We recommend extending your paddle arm straight up with a loose, relaxed shoulder (to keep it in a safe extension when paddling). You should adjust the clamp so that your wrist rests right over the top of the handle.
This Rival B-Line Paddle is a great package paddle and perfect for recreational and beginner experiences. The reinforced plastic blade is impact resistant and efficient with it’s double v-shape that provides good catch. A pin travel mechanism breaks the paddle down into 3 pieces to fit in your Hala bag so it is travel ready. The unique keyed index in the carbon shaft stops twist and the rubber coated t-grip creates a comfortable and natural grip. The clamped adjustable handle lets you custom-fit it to your experiences and makes it share-friendly. This inclusion paddle is a great one to have in your bag.

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