The Best Paddleboard Accessories 2021

Paddleboarding doesn't requires a lot of specialized equipment. But – for anyone looking to step up their game, there are a few accessories we've discovered in 2021 that we think are the best for any stand up paddleboarder.

1. Astral Airbelt PFD

The Astral Airbelt is the ultimate low-profile PFD. Clip it around your waist and feel confident as you paddle across flatwater on your paddleboard. This waist-worn PFD can inflate instantly, providing a necessary sense of safety without impeding mobility in a SUP workout. 

Even better, this sleek little Airbelt is US Coast Guard approved and will pass as an on-board PFD anywhere you'd like to paddle.

Best For: Those who paddle a Hoss or a Straight Up

2. Releasable SUP Leash

For those paddling choppy waters, a releasable leash is one way to stay close to your board (and therefore, afloat). The coiled design will stay out of your way when you don't need it, and when you do need to use it - you'll feel confident to know it works. The break-away system is simple to learn, will keep you safe, and easy to master with one swift tug.

Best For: Those who surf with a Peno or Milligram

3. Watershed Ocoee Drybag

There's a reason you see so many private rafters and boaters using Watershed drybags. For one, they're burly. Like, you could seal these bags shut and step on it and the seam won't blow kind of burly. All of Watershed's bags are highly durable, easy to clean, and UV-stable. A Watershed Ocoee Drybag can fit everything you need, and then some, right near the nose of your board. 

Best for: Those who paddle an Asana or Fame

Watershed Ocoee Drybag

4. Shred Ready IoN Helmet

The latest helmet from Shred Ready is perfect for whitewater stand up paddlers. This brimmed river helmet will keep the sun off your face so you can focus on the river ahead of you. The fit of the Shred Ready IoN Helmet is comfortable and easily adjustable for any serious rider.

Best for: Those who paddle an Atcha or a Rado

5. Outdoor Master Shark Pump

The best SUP pump on the market. Period.

Seriously, the Outdoor Master Shark Pump can inflate one stand up paddleboard in under 15 minutes and can easily inflate a second board in the same amount of time. Let this car pump do the work and save yourself some time, so you can get the rest of your gear together and hit the water faster.

Best for: Those who own more than 1 board


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