Hala Gear 5-Year Warranty

5 year warranty

At Hala Gear we do things differently [better], and that's why we offer the most reliable SUP warranty.
Our SUPs were already top-quality, and now we've added an extra seam to the traditional 2-glued-seam SUP system giving you 3 seams. What's even cooler: We mechanically weld the third seam, because glue can fail.
Seams are sealed with heat and weight to mechanically bond the seam for life, allowing us to extend our warranty and offer the best SUP on the market.

Built to perform, built to last.

Whether you're into stomping whitewater or cruising peaceful lakes, your Hala board is ready for the ride. 

Our boards are backed by a 5-year warranty thanks to our premium materials and bombproof board constructions, so you can feel confident when you step off shore.


It's simple....we believe in our board's durability. Our boards are now constructed with welded seams.

all hala boards

Welded Seams

Simple seam glue along the edge of a SUP can deteriorate over time, but the welded third seal of our mechanical bond will stand the test of time, and temperature, for years. 

River boards

Thick Fusion Drop Stitch

Our River SUPs now constructed with a high-end, multi-coated drop stitch. This construction keeps things beefier for improved abrasion resistance in all environments without adding weight.

Looking for lightweight but robust gear that performs? Look no further.

Only the best