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Hala Gear, born on the banks of the Yampa River, started with a vision to create gear for whitewater stand up paddling and has emerged to lead the way in the design of inflatable boards. This vision has since spread beyond the river to offer incredible SUPs and accessories in every segment of the sport.

Hala Gear designs and produces a line up of stand-up paddleboards and accessories that deliver performance, durability, innovation, and quality.

Through the years, Hala has led the charge in whitewater SUP and inflatable technology. With multiple patents and designs that define categories, Hala's boards ignite unique adventures and are used worldwide to push the limits of SUP.

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"Without love in the dream it'll never come true"

The Vision

Launched in 2011 by Steamboat Springs athlete and schoolteacher Peter Hall, Hala began with the vision of bringing self-expression to the water and giving others the opportunity to discover new places in new ways.

"Listen to the River Sing Sweet Songs"

Colorado Designed

Steamboat Springs, CO has proven to be the perfect grounds for growth since the beginning. The Yampa River and a dedicated crew of local paddlers keep the brand reaching for the next level.

Thanks to our amazing and supportive local community and a growing base of people that love to paddle, Hala has grown exponentially over the years, including their retail shop and brand showroom - Hala GearSpace.

"Spent a little time on the mountain..."


Located on Yampa Street in downtown Steamboat Springs, HALA GEARSPACE sells and rents SUPs and a plethora of raft and kayak equipment for the paddling lifestyle. We are so lucky to have one of the best ‘town runs’ in the entire United States, right in our backyard and we have unlimited access to whitewater, surf holes, and flatwater - allowing us to test and become very in touch with our gear.

"Ain't gonna learn what you don't wanna know"

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Our top 10 questions about Hala Gear and our inflatable stand up paddleboards, answered.

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Our Mission

We are rigged for adventure.

We believe inflatables are the future.

We believe quality should never be compromised and durability is always built in.

We believe in safety first.

We believe everyone should have access to their local waterways and we support Friends of the Yampa River on other conservation and preservation nonprofits.

We encourage you to leave your desks to paddle, play, roam, and adventure as much as possible.

We believe that SUP paddling is for everyone.

We believe that water was meant to be played on, whether it’s frozen or not.

We believe you shouldn’t go down a river without a paddle.

We believe that when you are choosing your new board, go with your gut – you are going to have fun no matter what!

We believe color makes everything better.

We believe dogs make great co-pilots.