Intentional Design

At Hala Gear, we are serious about intentionally designing gear for everybody. Through rigorous testing, feedback from our team and customers, quality materials, and thoughtful design – we're confident that our gear will provide paddlers the opportunity to adventure better.

our process

We're always taking feedback from our team members, customers, and employees. We LOVE hearing from people who actually use our gear and actively encourage those paddlers to reach out to us with ideas.

Real feedback from real paddlers has directly influenced several design decisions including the removal of click fins on the Fame, centralized rigging, cloth handles for reduced weight.

No Shortcuts

We don't take shortcuts. Everything is carefully chosen and quality tested, and it shows.

Our gear is the definition of a "labor of love." We put extra effort and attention to detail, without losing sight of each products best suited experience and intention. .

Our Deckpads

We offer two deckpad options and specifically chose them anticipating how each board would be paddled.

The Croc Deck Pad featured on our flatwater and ocean boards offer better traction for bare feet. This material is comfortable.

The EVA Deck Pad can be found on our whitewater and river surf boards. The diamond groove flexes and bends for better traction when wearing water shoes. This added grip helps river paddleboarders stay on their board.

Centralized Rigging

We're serious about wanting our boards to be a vehicle for adventures. We centralized all the rigging points on our boards. This not only distributes the weight more effectively, it also prevents potential foot entrapment.

To prevent foot injusry

Nylon Rigging Options

Nose & Tail Handles

Rubberized + reinforced nose handle for solid grabbing; especially if you're tandem carrying a board.


Convienent quick stash area for holding your non-essential items or for holding down your paddle blade if you need to free up a hand. Remember to rig your essential items on the soft rig points with a locking carabiner or cam strap. This bungee can be easily removed!

Cloth Handles

Strategically placed cloth handles on the sides of our whitewater boards for quick grabbing while you're in the water, or for easily carrying the board above your head.

Foot Index

Great for barefoot dynamic paddlers, the foot index gives you the indication of where you're stepping back on the board without having to look down.

Raised Stomppad

Think of this like a spoiler on a racecar; the Raised Stomppad is useful for helping paddlers pivot and turn their board.


Each Hala SUP board features a large and solid metal D-Ring that allows you to attach a leash to your board.

The Rado, Radito, Fame, Atcha 96 and Atcha 86 have bottom nose d-rings if you'd like to take a break on the river and tow behind a raft.

Can You Get Board Specific?


This board only features one center fin. We really wanted to take a "less is more" approach and honor the Asana's performance capabilities as a Yoga SUP.


One of the key things we've earned after designing boards for over 10 years is that click fin placement impacts performance.

For example, the Hoss has straight click fins that run parallel to the center fin. This allows the Hoss to track better.


Our boards that can be surfed have angled, or "toed-in" click fins.

For our most recent lineup, we removed the second set of click fins from our Rado, Radito, and Fame boards because we discovered that the 9" fin from our Stompbox 2.0 added significant amounts of tracking performance.

As such, the necessity for additional click fins no longer existed. We did keep one pair of click fins on our Rado and Radito boards so paddlers could add in fins when they intended to surf or paddle big water.

Atcha 711

We added a click fin to the nose of the Atcha 711 with the intention to allow river paddleboards to surf switch.