Why Trust Hala?

Since 2011, Hala Gear has been constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation in the inflatable space to make your adventures better. We've been at this for 13+ years, and the precision and performance of our gear shows that.

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Pushing the sport to new heights

We're the Tastemakers

With our multiple inflatable technologies and patented designs, we're able to combine an unprecendented number of thoughtful iterations together to create the most unique and high-performing SUPs available to paddlers today.

5-Year Warranty

Built to Last, Built to Ride

Durability is built into every board. Our boards are backed by a 5-year warranty thanks to our premium materials and bombproof board constructions, so you can feel confident when you step off shore.

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Intentional Design

Purpose Driven Products

We intentionally obsess over the designs and ensure all of our products are built to perform.

As such, we offer the highest quality SUPs with specific, intentional design choices so that you can have the best time out on the water.

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Game changers

Unmatched Technology

No one is putting together all the technology that we are. Whether it's DoubleStack Rails and Inflatable Carbon Together, or the Stompbox 2 Retractable Fin and Welded Seams, we are shaping the sport and designing the best boards out on the water today.

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Designed + Tested in Colorado

Burly Construction

We make everything with quality and care. At Hala Gear SUP we obsess over design and construction to make boards that we want to ride that will last and stand up to whatever adventure you take them on.

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Variety is the spice of life

Shaped Inflatables

We've developed six unique board silhouettes and four tail designs across our 18 board lineup.

As such, we offer every kind of board shape for any kind of paddling you may have in mind.

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Boosted performance

Unique Rocker Profiles

From the beginning Hala Gear set out to make the highest-performing inflatable SUPs on the market. We think one of the most important SUP performance characteristics is Rocker profile, and each of our four profiles is unique to the design shape (and intended use) of the paddleboard. 

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Fast + Light


Looking for lightweight but robust gear that performs? Look no further. Our whitewater boards are lighter and tougher than ever. With welded seams and thick fusion, you can feel comfortable dropping into any rapid or paddling over any river feature without worry.

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Celebrating 10 Years on the Water

Trusted & Experienced

Peter Hall began Hala so he and his friends could surf and run rivers in a new way.

Ten years later, his vision of self expression on the water has given countless people around the world the opportunity to discover new places in new ways.

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All Water SUP Kits

Everything You Need

We offer the highest-quality travel-ready board packages. Our All Water SUP Kits contain *all* you need to head straight to any water. That includes a well-constructed travel paddle.

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Shop Local

Community Focused

We're proud to partner with independent paddling shops and outfitters around the world.

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Financing Available

Pay Over Time with Affirm

When inspiration strikes, Affirm helps you say yes without giving up financial control. Select Affirm at checkout to pay over time—and never pay a penny more than you agree to on day one.

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We've Gone Global

Gear that knows No Boundaries

Even though our boards are designed by our team in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – Hala Gear is proud to offer inflatable SUPs to paddlers in the US, EU, and Canada.

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We have you covered

Our knowlegeable and committed customer service team is always on standby to answer any SUP question.

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