Shapes + Tails

At Hala Gear, we're serious about shaping inflatables that perform. We offer a wide variety of SUP Shapes and SUP tails, so you can choose the best paddleboard that works for you. 

Straight Up, Hoss, Carbon Hoss, Carbon Straight Up, Asana

All-Water Shape

The outline of this board gives you the stability to feel confident on any water and is sleek for speed and efficiency.

All-Water Shapes

Rado, Radito

Dynamic Shape

An all-around outline pairs with a step-down swallow tail and our River Rocker profile for stability on heavy weighted expeditions, yet responsiveness and maneuverability when you need it. 

dynamic shapes

Atcha 711, Atcha 86, Atcha 96

Category Defining Outline

This shape tapers from the nose to the wide point, allowing for reduced leverage on the front of your board. Smaller shoulders create more directional control and prevent you from pearling. And the swallow tail allows for agility and balanced sink and rise.

Atcha 711, 86 and 96

Atcha 711, Atcha 86, Atcha

Precise Balance Point

The widest point, near the back, meets the rocker’s natural balance point for an exact center of control. It makes the board extremely responsive and allows you to surf the tail with one quick, easy step back.

Atcha 711, 86 and 96


Nut Shape

When surfing, the dip in the outline along the side of the board makes the first point of contact with the water closer to you, allowing for responsive turns and low volume, short board-like characteristics. The volume in front of the curve provides stability when balancing while you wait for your wave.

Nut Shape

Playa, Playita 2+2, Milligram, Peño 3+2

2" and 4.75″ Rails

The slimmer the rail the more stability you have on the face of the wave. Our surfers pair slim rails with rigid technologies that allow you to hold a high line with control and confidence!

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Milligram and Peño 3+2

6’11” Length

Sneak into those small pockets on the river where no other board can fit. These short boards are fun on fast ocean waves too!

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Symmetric Nose and Tail

Directional Twin Shape

Find Ultimate in Balance with this wide, stable platform designed for zen, flow and just in case you have others - children or dogs - in tow.

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Tail Descriptions

Square Tail A squared off, blunt tail provides quick release and rail-to-rail response while adding secondary stability for slower maneuvers.  

Round Tail Provides increased glide, speed, and maneuverability for a more playful experience on the water.

Swallow Tail Gives you two balance points in the tail, instead of one, so the board resists tipping and gives a bit more bite to your turns while surfing from the back. Also bails water symmetrically and quickly when paddling whitewater.

Fish Tail An exaggerated swallow tail, this shape provides similar stability when standing still and a bit more bite on the face of the wave while still allowing for quick release and pivoting maneuverability.