Convertible Quick Release and Ankle Leash


Convertible Quick Release and Ankle Leash

Available in 7' and 9', Hala Gear's Convertible Leash does it all! Paddle moving water AND flat water with the same leash. Perfect for paddlers looking for versatility, this unique design features two different attachment options.

Option 1: Releasable leash - The sailing shackle and locking carabiner attach to your PFD. The shackle ball system quickly and safely releases. 

Option 2 Ankle Leash - Convert the system to an ankle leash by attaching the ankle cuff to the same sailing shackle, and the leash is ready for flat water and surf environments.


  • Two Attachment Options
  • Coiled body (reduces drag and keeps the leash out of the way)
  • Sailing Shackle
  • PFD Quick-release

Shorter 7’ leash:

  • Better for river-specific
  • River Surfing
  • Keeps the board closer in moving water

Longer 9’ leash:

  • Better for expedition paddling
  • Flat water excursions
  • Crossover paddlers

    **Recommended for whitewater, surf, and all-around boards such as Atcha, Atcha 86,  Fame, Gram,  Milligram, Peño, Straight Up, Hoss, Rado, and Radito in whitewater conditions
    SUP Safety Tip: **A leash is an important tool for paddleboarding. However, proper knowledge and correct use are essential to staying safe.

    NEVER use an ankle leash on moving water, including rivers and creeks. An ankle leash can hinder your ability to swim effectively and can be difficult to impossible to release, which can be dangerous and even fatal. Decide if a leash is a good fit for your paddling style and safety plan before heading out.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Hunter G.
    Great leash

    Great coil leash. I love that it is a bright color and easy to see. 6 ft is the perfect length and the quick release is simple and incredibly well made.

    Spencer C.
    I'm still alive! I use

    I'm still alive! I use this off my quick release PFD, so pulling the ball behind me would be tricky but it's nice to know I have it as a backup in case my PFD quick release failed somehow.

    Helen S.
    Well made

    Strong leash. Used several times in whitewater after a SUP "swim."

    Mo H.
    This leash is thoughtfully put

    This leash is thoughtfully put together and works great. The length is perfect and the coil feature makes it so it is hard to get tangled up in it. The removable ankle attachment is also a great idea for the times you may be paddling flat water. Highly recommend!

    Vilen A.
    Good quality, long enough, easy

    Good quality, long enough, easy to operate