Paddle Expo 2019 SUP Highlights

Although the amount of SUP boards displayed increased, most manufacturers just brought their whitewater boards if they were total novelty.

The Atcha 86 continues being one of the only middle length whitewater boards that allow you a smooth surf on small waves during river tours. There is now the new Aztron 8’6 inflatable surf, which is slimmer and probably can't compete in stability with the Atcha. And the Siren Guppy 8.2 shall be introduced in 2020. Most boards displayed continue having a length of 9’6 and longer for big whitewater and touring - or 7’ and shorter for surfing only.

Why change a shape which works? The people from Hala brought their wide range of Whitewater Boards that we know and we love and don't want to miss on any whitewater tour or race – and since 2018 have new shapes and stronger rockers.

The new Hala Peño is finer for sharper edges and better surf (6’11” x 32” x 3”+ 2”, 165 l).

After some bottlenecks in the supply chain - the popular Atchas were even sold out in the United States - Hala will be much easier available in Europe thanks to a new warehouse in the Netherlands and a new distribution system.

Article posted by Playak.

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