2019 Gear in Review: Staff Picks

Hala Rado

The introduction of the Hala Rado has truly elevated our burgeoning whitewater SUP paddling practice and is currently the featured board in our Pumped Up Paddler column, led by Michael Chebatoris. At 10’10” x 35” x 6” the Hala Rado was born to ride the rapids. Stable, highly maneuverable, and outfitted with 12 rigging points and five handles, the Rado is suitable for novice to advanced whitewater SUP paddlers. Michael’s favorite feature is the retractable center fin, otherwise known as the Stompbox, which automatically retracts the fin inside the board when the fin comes into contact with a solid object. If you’ve ever paddled whitewater with a fixed center fin you know how valuable the Stompbox is when paddling on the wild side!

Article published by PaddleXaminer.

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