18 Boards, 4 Series that Tell Hala's Story

We are proud to announce the launch of our 2019 inflatable SUP lineup. This collection of eighteen boards has been segmented into four series: Carbon, Rival, River, and Surf.

hala carbon hoss yogaEach series has a brand-new graphic set, which helps categorize the board's intended uses and construction types. Hala’s 2019 boards incorporate more artistic lines, with the intention of communicating the roots of Hala’s story.

On the Carbon and River series boards, the lines are individual silhouettes of local mountain ranges, the Gore and Zirkel. These mighty ranges are main contributors to the two rivers we paddle most, the Colorado River and Yampa River. The Zirkel Range can be seen on top and the Gore Range can be seen underneath.

The mountain silhouette on the Rival series boards is an artistic rendition of the Rabbit Ears, an iconic geographical feature located near Hala Headquarters in Steamboat Springs.

The graphics remind paddlers that while Hala is operating globally, they are still a Colorado founded and based company.hala surf river

We love the logo of our Surf series and feel it creates unity across our lineup and meets our goals of adding artistry to the brand. The bottom of our Surf Series has a stringer graphic. It was designed to look like a hand-shaped surfboard. 


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