10 Reasons You SHOULD Buy a SUP for your Family

If you've gone through inflatable or hard SUPs that just don't deliver in performance and durability, it may be time to check out a Hala Paddleboard.

Many reviewers agree that the durable construction is virtually unmatched in the SUP department.

I can say with certainty that Hala boards are built to last. Our team spent 3 days scraping rocks, dragging the boards over downed trees and I had the pleasure of slamming into boulders with no noticeable damage to the boards. –Andrew M.

If you enjoy spending time on the water with your family, whether on beach trips or camping excursions, AND you want performance from your SUP, consider a Hala board. A Hala paddleboard doesn't come cheap, but its high-quality construction and clean, simple, and durable design will be sure to impress.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should buy a SUP for your family

1. Our Boards are Built to Last

Our boards are constructed for the long haul. They will last for YEARS compared to other brands.

Think of your Hala board as something you can pass down between family members.

family sup

2. Our Boards Can Handle Any Water Condition

We construct our boards with welded seams. This means that our boards are built insanely tough and are durable. Hala SUPs can keep up with any demands you throw its way and handle any water condition, even the choppiest of waves and rockiest of creeks.

3. Our Boards are Dog Friendly

Have no fear! You can certainly bring your dog on our inflatable paddleboards. Our deckpads are burly and can handle your pet's nails without puncturing the board. Plus, the EVA material is cushy and will feel really nice on your pup's paws. 

Check out our top boards for dogs here.

sup with pup

4. We are a Family Brand

Hala isn't just a SUP company; we're a brand for family-oriented outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. We encourage you not just to have the board stored up in your garage...we want you to get out there and explore with your loved ones.

Our founder, Peter Hall, is a father of two and is serious about making sure our products represent something beyond just a piece of gear. Our boards are for experiences, and for adventuring better. 

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5. Top-Notch Incredible Customer Service

We hire the best customer service folks in the best. That means real paddlers who know their stuff. We can help you figure out the right board for you and your family. 

Call us at 970-550-7008 or email sup@halagear.com to talk to a gear expert today!

6. Hundreds of paddlers have left positive reviews

All those people can't be wrong!

Seriously though, we've been at this for 10+ years and we appreciate all the love our customers have sent our way. Thank you! We couldn't do this without you!

7. Our Colors are Awesome

It's one of the most distinctive things about us, besides our warranty, patented technology, and burly construction that is...

We love experimenting with colors and going bright and bold. Kids especially love how playful and fun our boards look.

Our most unique, colorful boards can be found in our All-Around SUP Collection.

colorful sups family

8. We Designed a Ton of Little Extras and Features that Matter

We take our SUP designs seriously, and thought through every inch of every board. We wanted to make every extra and feature to be realistic and useful. No flair for the sake of flair! 

Some of our intentional designs include the step-flat handle, centralized rigging for ideal weight distribution, and a foot index on every board so that barefoot paddlers can know where they're stepping back on the board without having to look down!

9. We have More Options than Other Brands

Eighteen boards seems like a huge lineup...but then you realize that there really is a board for everyone.

Need help finding the exact board that best fits you and your family? Take our SUP quiz here! 

Hala 2021

10. We have a Five-Year Warranty

Durability is built into every Hala board. But, if anything does happen to go wrong, your board is protected by a 5-year warranty....just in case! 

Our boards are backed by this industry-leading warranty thanks to our premium materials and bombproof board constructions, so you can feel confident when you step offshore.

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