Nass-T Tour EX Inflatable SUP Kit



 | 14' x 28" x 4.75"

    The Hala Nass-T Tour Ex is an incredibly fast Race SUP with a length of 14 feet, the longest board we make. Reinforced with patented Tour EX technology, this board offers unrivaled rigidity and glide performance, making it perfect for long tours, racing, and down-winding.

    The black strip is our new Tour Ex Material. An evolution of our carbon design, the Tour Ex material makes our boards more rigid than any other inflatable on the market. The added stiffness provides more glide, precision, and speed than a typical PVC inflatable.

    Kit includes:

    • Lever-lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle
    • Backcountry Rolling Backpack
    • Hand Pump
    • Fin
    • Repair kit

    "Love this board, my go-to for expeditions or fitness training.”

    - Paul Clark

    Protected by Patent Number 8273427

      Nass Tour EX

      The Nass Tour EX is a shorter, and less narrow version of the Nass-T Tour EX. [12'6" x 30" x 6"]

      5 year warranty

      5-year warranty

      Hala Gear offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on every SUP. We use quality materials and a unique construction process to create top-of-the-line boards that are built to last.

      Every seam is double-glued and mechanically welded to guarantee durability for decades to come. No matter how many times you roll your board, how you store it, or where you paddle, your SUP will withstand any adventure.

      • Included with SUP: Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Paddle, Fins, Hand Pump, Repair Kit
      • Included Paddle: Leverlock Carbon Travel Paddle
      • Backpack Dimensions: Medium (12" x 18" x 38")
      • Fin Boxes: Air7 (US Standard) Center Fin Box, Click Fin Box
      • Fins: 9” Center Fin, 4.5" Black Hard Click Fin
      • Board Shape: Touring + Directional Twin Board Shape with Glide Rocker and Tapered Square Tail
      • Board Construction: Woven Dropstitch Construction with Welded Seams and Tour EX Rigidity
      • Rigging Options: 10 Soft Rigging Points with Nose Bungee
      • D-Rings: Tail D-Ring
      • Handles: Cloth Nose Handle, Cloth Tail Handle, and Center Step-Flat Soft Handle
      • Deckpad: Croc Skin EVA Deck Pad with 1.5” Raised StompPad and Rear Foot Index
      • Board Warranty: Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty
      • Included Accessory Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

      14' tall. 28
      easy-carry nose and tail handles. shock cord quick stash. 10 soft and centralized rigging points. diamond groove 4mm eva deck pad. tail d ring. 4.5

      What's in the Kit

      • Adjustable Carbon Paddle

        Adjustable Carbon Paddle

      • Hand Pump

        Hand Pump

      • 9 inch race fin


      • Rolling Backpack

        Rolling Backpack

      • Repair Kit

        Repair Kit

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Steven R.
      Hala Nass-T - Great Touring/Race board

      This board is surprisingly stable for how narrow it is and tracks very well. I replaced the front skeg with a 1” shallow water skeg so it’s easier to maneuver and it is still great at tracking (the only issue is my form). With a 28” width, it’s not as fast as race specific boards, but for someone like myself who does more long distance touring, this board is almost perfect. It is still fast though, I placed second in my first 3 mile race on the Nass-T, beating out other racers on race-specific rigid paddle boards. The stability was a huge factor as it was very windy and choppy. I’ve also taken this board on 10+ mile tours and the glide, tracking, stability, and speed made it far more efficient and enjoyable than my 10ftx34inch recreational iSUP. The build quality (and 5 year warranty) is also far superior to the economy brands found on platforms like Amazon (I also own a ROC, which was great to learn on but the quality of Hala is in another league). The customer service at Hala is also fantastic. For an inflatable, the Nass-T is a great choice for racing and even better for touring.

      Jeremy C.
      Great for Racing and Everything Else

      I have had the new Hala Nass-T Tour EX for about two months now and I thought it was time to write a review. This new board is FANTASTIC! I have put in over 100 miles on my board in lakes, slow moving rivers, creeks, bays, open ocean, and the surf line with the board handling extremely well in all conditions. Moving from a hard race board I have been impressed with the stiffness and ability of the board to generate speed. The board does have a little of that iSUP bounce on the water, but it is hardly noticeable, especially compared to other inflatables I have tried. The board is made of quality material and the deck pad provides the prefect amount of traction and comfort for standing and moving around the board. It has ample tiedowns for those looking for that. For those like me who don’t travel with gear, the tiedowns are positioned in locations that still allow for shifting and moving around the board without getting in the way. I purchased the board with the intention of using it to travel to SUP Races and after flying with it to events in Norther California and Texas I am happy to report that traveling with the board and included travel bag was a breeze. Moving it around at the airport, loading it into rental cars, and storing in hotel rooms felt no different than normal luggage. A definite improvement over traveling with a hard board. I hope you find this review helpful and if you are looking for that perfect board, this is it! Have fun and I hope you see you out in the wild.

      Jeff L.
      I like the fact it

      I like the fact it is not 6 inches thick. It is like riding my hardboards.