Sara James

Sara James


South Lake Tahoe, California

Favorite Hala board


How many years have you been SUPing?

8 years

Tell us a little bit about yourself

For the last 20 years I have been playing around on and in the river. Originally I was in a white water kayak and then 8 years ago I started dabbling in SUP. In the last five years, I have taken a step back from kayaking class V white water and taken a step forward in exploring rivers on my SUP. It’s been a great way to re-challenge myself, get a physical and mental change in perspective, as well finding new ways to explore my favorite places. 

I attended two bachelorette parties and one wedding on my Radito SUP. Celebrating my friends’ love this way sure is hard to beat. Most of my favorite SUP moments are in deep canyons with good friends and technical white water. I love multi-day trips, surfing glassy waves, and carving between eddies. I hope to enter more SUP competitions this year to develop my skills and meet more athletes within our wonderful community.