David Manning

David Manning


Calgary, Alberta


Favorite Hala board

The Atcha 8'6"

How many years have you been SUPing?

8 years

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up canoe tripping and competing in whitewater slalom kayak, C1, and C2, followed by freestyle kayaking, coaching both disciplines at the provincial and national team level, as well as kayak, canoe, and raft guiding. These experiences took me around the world to competitions, expeditions, surfing, and float plane access backcountry trips. Some of the most spectacular rivers I've been to are the Futaleufú River in Chile and the Slave River in the West Territories, but I never get tired of the local rivers I grew up on. 

Now, I am a Grade 8-12 Outdoor Ed teacher as well as a SUP, kayak, and river surf instructor. I have a two-year-old dog named Muggs who absolutely loves paddling and will stand on my board anytime I put it down in the backyard and give me the "Let’s Go!" look. I live in the Bow Valley and am lucky to have the Kananaskis River, a short drive from town, where I do most of my paddling, surfing, and instructing. 

Photo by Sup Paul