Chad Dokken

Chad Dokken


Bozeman, Montana

Favorite Hala board

The Atcha 9'6"

How many years have you been SUPing?

9 years

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Chad Dokken, and I am from Bozeman, Montana. As a kid, I had the fortune of growing up and recreating in my backyard of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and exploring what SW Montana had to offer a child. As a state, Montana is rich in immense wilderness areas and exciting nature, but it is up to each person to choose how they want to interact and navigate our land. We have infinite options. My means of navigation are my split board and ice axes/crampons in the winter as an avid ice climber and rider. Nevertheless, since I got my dry suit, I have gone winter whitewater SUPing as much as I have gone climbing. 

In the summer, you will find me whitewater SUPing most days after work or maybe playing hooky with a buddy. While I mainly run whitewater sections with my wife and friends, we always dedicate time to get our families out on the flatwater sections of the Yellowstone River together and make a weekend of it, camping on the sandy islands of Paradise Valley and cooking up some shore dinner while dancing to a Grateful Dead show (Live Dead or Madison Square 81). If you are ever in the area, let me know. We have a fleet of Hala SUPs and would love to take you out!