SUP Designer Hala Gear Raises High Water Mark With 2014 Line

Well known as fertile ground for outdoor product innovation, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains breed an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit. Nowhere is this illustrated better than in Steamboat Springs, Colo., where standup paddleboard company Hala Gear is pushing into new territory with its 2014 line of inflatable SUP designs crafted for whitewater paddling, adventure touring, and all modes of surfing.

Launched in 2011 by SUP athlete Peter Hall, Hala Gear is making its sophomore appearance at OR with a seven-board collection designed for whitewater, touring, racing and expedition paddling, including the new Hala Peño, Hala Playa, and Hala Fame. With a meticulous design and testing process on its hometown Yampa River, Hala Gear has quickly established a reputation for producing exceptionally agile and stable boards highly regarded by accomplished and aspiring SUP paddlers alike.

Each Hala board is made with the highest quality materials, progressive shaping, the toughest 6″ inch drop-stitch available, double-reinforced seams and such functional accessories as D-rings, removable footbars for paddling (with optional kayak seats), and unbreakable fins and fin boxes.

Company owner Hall has also garnered attention for introducing one of the most innovative dual-purpose paddle designs on the market-the Butterknife Double-bladed Paddle. A show-stopper at OR 2013 and recently featured as a top pick in Outside magazine, the Butterknife features dual midsize SUP blades with an integrated palm-fit T-grip on one blade, providing essential functionality and maneuverability for whitewater and ocean paddling.

Post written by Brian Menin for Industry Outsider.
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