How to Roll your Hala SUP

Rolling a board isn't as easy as one would think. Luckily, we've compiled our best tips and tricks to help you out. 

There are a few things you can try to get the board rolled smaller. 

Firstly, the initial crease is the most important part of the roll. Making sure you have your roll tight before you get the fins involved is going to dictate how the rest of the roll goes. 

how to roll a sup

Once you've gotten your first crease done, now its time to deal with the fins. If you have fixed fins (meaning: you can't take them off), it's ok for them to bend a little bit to one side. You won't break the fins by flexing them back to shape when unrolling the board later. Bending the fins a bit also keeps them from digging into your deck pad and leaving marks. For rolling the board with your fins, try to make sure that the creases of the roll are exactly either side of the center fin box, to keep your roll tight. 

how to roll a sup

From there, it's pretty straightforward. Keep rolling, deck side in, keeping the roll tight and keeping the valve open at the top to make sure that any extra air gets let out. Close your air valve once you've completed your roll so dust or moisture can't get into your air chamber.

how to roll a sup

how to roll a sup

how to roll a sup

While you're rolling, have your board belt handy so you can grab it and put it around the board roll while it's tight. 

The board bag for some boards is tighter than others. The bags are made in a few sizes and we do our best to pair boards with bags that fit them. I would recommend keeping your hand pump or paddle out of the bag, as they can damage the board while it is deflated if they rub repeatedly on its surface. 

When I travel with my board, I keep the other items in my clothing bag, and even pad my board in its bag with bathroom towels. Since the board is out of my control when I'm flying, I like to make sure I give it the best chance of making it to my destination unharmed, regardless of what it might go though in transit. 

When rolling a Rival board: You've got to encourage those bite fins (the small ones) to essentially be on the side of the roll as you crease around the center fin box with your roll. The way I was able to do this was by finding the end of the center fin box through the roll and making a center crease, then pinching the edges/sidewalls at the same point to encourage the crease of the roll to form at that point, even though the board doesn't readily do so because of the fin boxes. After you get past that point, it's pretty straightforward to finish the roll.

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