StompBox 2.0 Fin Box


The Hala Gear StompBox 2.0 Fin Box can be used to replace the StompBox on 2021 or later Hala river SUPs. If you manage to clock a rock with your StompBox 2.0, you can swap it out for this replacement in minutes. This is a great spare part to carry for an extended expedition on rocky rivers. While the StompBox Fin Box is very unlikely to break, this spare gives you peace of mind knowing you have a backup if something goes wrong.

*Includes the fin box only.* If you need to replace a full StompBox including the fin, you will need the Fin Box, 8" Stompbox Fin, Stompbox Cover, Stompbox 2.0 Spring with Plug, and the Stompbox Screws. Find the full kit here!

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