9" StompFin™


We have improved the StompBox 2 tracking with the new 9" StompFin™. This fin is designed to help you improve tracking in any deep water without having to compromise your paddling stroke. Collapsing to 3.5", this fin provides incredible drive and control on any waterway while still allowing shallow water river descents.

Have you tried ferrying a river with a 9" fin? It's almost effortless. Improve your paddling today with this innovative addition to your StompBox!

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James W.
I’ve added this fin on

I’ve added this fin on the 8’6” atcha and have been running the needles with it. The fin dramatically increased control and tracking.

William C.
Incredible improvement in straight-line smooth

Incredible improvement in straight-line smooth water tracking for my Fame. Keep in mind though that there is a trade-off. Tracks better in smooth water but understandable turns harder in white water. Makes eddy turns and fast line up moves more difficult. I'd recommend getting this with a whole new fin box so you can fish a lake on Saturday, and blast a river on Sunday with the perfect board for both.

Christopher H.
Surf’s up!

A great fin for any river. Sure, it works great for high volume rivers but is also a great choice if you need a more “sticky” back end. I like it for executing peel outs and pivot turns in slower moving water and does a lot to offset the loss of tracking associated with the 1.5” low-pro fins. An excellent surf fin as well.

Kevin R.
Great in flat water and wind

This fin really improves the tracking of the older Hala's with the 4.5inch fin. My only critique is in heavy lateral waves, this fin makes the board harder to ride if you don't come in with some speed.

Justin M.
Great Fin

Keeps my board tracking well in white water and folds in when its in the way.