4.5" Gummy Center Fin


Shallow Water and River Fin

This 4.5” center fin is super flexible and is a go-to for shallow water or river environments. The low-draft design provides more maneuverability and tracking. The best part is the durable gummy flex makes this fin unbreakable.


  • Thumbscrew
  • Fits any Air7™ fin box
  • Fits any US Longboard Finbox

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chad N.
more emails?

Not sure about the fin... haven't had it on the water yet. But I did unsubscribe from hala emails before receiving a request to review this product... so... let's say three stars, because of the lack of execution on my marketing preferences.

Doug S.
Perfect size

I use it for swamps in Mississippi that have a lot of shallow logs and stumps to get past.

Ralph W.
Fin works great. Replaced a

Fin works great. Replaced a longer carbon fiber fin that tracked very well but didn't work well in rocky whitewater. Gets through shallow "boney" sections of whitewater perfectly, and despite the flexibility, tracks very well.


Exactly what I needed. Was out on the river last week and scratched up my hard plastic fin. I didn’t want to risk ruining my fin box going forward so I decided to purchase this gummy fin and use it just Incase I hit another rock. Works great.

Cameron F.
Could be shorter but doesn’t get too hung up

I got this one because the shorter fin was out of stock. It hits bottom and rocks sometimes on shallow rivers but because of the angle and it’s flexibility it doesn’t hang the board up in a dangerous way that would cause me to Superman down the river. Tracks well enough for flat water IMO but still really maneuverable on a river around rapids.