Happy Hala-Days

At Hala Gear we support organizations that protect waterways and provide opportunities for outdoor adventure all year long.

During the "Hala-Days" we go a step further. When you shop Hala Gear through our partner affiliates, you get $100 off any board (surfers not included) and we give $100 to the non-profit of your choice.

Here’s how it works


1.  Pick a Partner Affiliate you would like to support and shop with the following links:
2.  Access our store through your chosen Partner Affiliate's unique shop link.
3.  Choose one of our boards (or multiple boards) to purchase and add to cart.
4.  We’ll take it from there by donating $100 per board to the Partner Affiliate of your choice

Do you have a favorite nonprofit organization that protects and improves your local waterways that you would rather us donate your purchase donation to? Send us an email at donations@halagear.com to nominate them to be a Partner Affiliate and we’ll donate $100 for each board purchased with their link. 

Thank you for helping us support the organizations working to protect our natural environments and make our communities a safe, inclusive space.

Donation Mission

Hala Gear is proud to partner with nonprofit organizations that support our local community, protect endangered river corridors, and help create paddling opportunities for all.

If you're interested in partnering with Hala for your upcoming event, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Culture of Giving

As a small company, we do our best to give as much as we can, when we can. So far this year, we've partnered with over 25 organizations and donated more than $13,000. When we're unable to support financially, we work hard to find creative solutions to give — from helping raise awareness of events to getting down and dirty ourselves and volunteering. 

Big Aspirations 

We have big plans for 2024! At Hala, we Design. Adventure. Better. We're working hard to make our Better... better.

Stay tuned for more information about how we plan to give back more in the coming year! 

Protecting & enhancing the Yampa River system

Friends of the Yampa

FOTY is a group based on one common passion: a shared love for the Yampa River. Today, the Yampa River and its tributaries remain a model of a healthy river system, not only here in northwest Colorado but in the entire Colorado basin and the western United States. In a world where most rivers have been dammed, diverted and dewatered, the Yampa River still remains intact, supporting a diverse riverine and terrestrial environment while allowing for multiple recreational and consumptive uses.

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Restoring flows to Colorado's rivers in need

Colorado Water Trust

The Colorado Water Trust is a home-grown, statewide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Since 2001, they’ve restored 16.8 billion gallons of water to 588 miles of rivers and streams across the state of Colorado, which allows ecosystems and fish habitats to thrive, fishing and rafting outfitters to maintain their livelihoods, communities to be proud of their local rivers, and enough water to sustain ranching and farming operations. The Colorado Water Trust works collaboratively with their partners so that their projects benefit both the people they work with and our rivers.

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Protecting & restoring America's whitewater rivers

American Whitewater

AW is a national non-profit river conservation organization with approximately 6,000 members and 100 local-based affiliate clubs, representing whitewater enthusiasts across the nation. The organization is the primary advocate for the preservation and protection of whitewater rivers throughout the United States, and connects the interests of human-powered recreational river users with ecological and science-based data to achieve the goals within its mission.

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Protecting & enriching the values of the Dolores River

Dolores River Boating Advocates

DRBA seeks to be: 1) a strong voice for boaters and river enthusiasts in the region; 2) a resource for information about conservation efforts to protect the Dolores River; and 3) advocates for and stewards of the Dolores River. They are an American Whitewater affiliate club and part of the Friends Grassroots Network, a group of nonprofit organizations advocating for National Conservation Lands, which are composed of some of BLM’s most scenic and treasured lands in the West.

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Clean water. Healthy habitat. Thriving Communities.

Connecticut River Conservancy

Connecticut River Conservancy is a voice for the Connecticut River watershed, from source to sea. We collaborate with partners across four states to protect and advocate for your rivers, and educate and engage communities. We bring people together to prevent pollution, improve habitat, and promote enjoyment of the river and its tributary streams. Healthy rivers support healthy economies.

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Adventure is for everyone

beyond boundaries va

Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit based in Richmond, Virginia specializing in guiding participants with disabilities, veterans, underserved youth, and recovery programs on outdoor adventures. Beyond Boundaries is dedicated to offering individuals of all ability levels, no matter physical, cognitive, or economic situation, the opportunity to experience outdoor activities with the surrounding community.

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Rivers are the lifelines of our communities

Forever Our Rivers

Forever Our rivers is committed to conserving and restoring the ecological health and function of watersheds for human uses and biodiversity. They work to empower communities to care for their own rivers and develop the next generation of conservationists through outdoor recreation and education.

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Protecting and promoting the Snake River

Snake River Fund

The Snake River Fund’s mission is to promote stewardship of and recreational access to the Snake River watershed in Wyoming, with an emphasis on partnerships, education and public outreach.

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