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    • Drop-Stitch: stitching between the top and bottom of Hala’s stand up paddleboard, securing them to each other. Prevents equal inflation in all directions.
    • Carbon Construction: carbon and fiberglass blended into a monolinear material and then compressed at 200,000 pounds, resulting in board with zero stretch and zero compression. Performs and feels like a hardboard, despite being inflated at 15psi. Seen on our Carbon series
    • Foot Index: a elevated EVA on the deck pad located just before the stomp pad. A small, centralized rectangle that enables riders to step their feet back to the center of the board without ever taking their eyes off the water. Featured on all Hala boards.
    • Fusion Construction: complete manufacturing at the raw materials stage, which allows each board to maximize the properties of each base fabric component. Lightweight and durable; lean and mean. Seen on our Rival series.
    • Glide Rocker: mellow, curved nose with a flat middle for traction, and minimal tail rocker. It provides optimized glide and speed. Seen on our Asana, Hoss, Straight Up, Nass and Nass-T.
    • Stompbox™: our patented fin system that retracts inside your board when you hit unanticipated rocks or shallow water. Seen on our River Series.
    • Stomp Pad: raised wedge-shaped platform located at the tail of the board. It provides the rider with the ability to get weight on the tail for tight navigating and advanced maneuvers. Featured on all Hala boards.

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