Inflatable SUP Designer Pushes Price Point + Performance with New Rival Line

Hala Gear, the gold standard in inflatable standup paddleboard design and performance, is hitting this year’s Surf Expo with a slew of new innovations, including its new price-point-friendly Rival line and patent-pending Hybrid Inflatable Carbon™ Technology that achieves 300% more rigidity than other boards.

Built on a platform of durability, stability and maneuverability, Hala Gear has been an industry leader in the inflatable SUP market since 2011, building boards handling everything paddlers can muster with a full product line catering to whitewater, expedition, touring, racing, yoga and adventure paddlers, all backed with an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Topping last year’s introduction of the Stompbox, Hala Luya, Hala Daze and Hala Nass 14, for 2017 Hala unveils new constructions and component options, giving SUP paddlers more options and better value than ever. Highlighting its technological advances, Hala debuts its new Rival construction – with three new competitively priced boards (starting at $1,049), including the Yoga-specific Hala Asana and Rival Hoss and Rival Straight Up.

“It’s not so much about our amazing price point, but that it’s a superior product for the price,” says Hala founder Peter Hall, adding that all Rival boards come in a “straight to the water” package, including paddle, pump and carry bag. “Our Rival line offers Hala’s quality and performance with simpler component options, allowing people to get paddling right away on a board they can progress on.”

Turning even more heads, Hala also unveils its patented Hybrid Inflatable Carbon™ Technology in multiple models, incorporating two flexible and rollable sheets of carbon on the bottom and top of each board, increasing rigidity and performance. “It’s a true breakthrough,” says Hall. “We’ve helped define how market-leading inflatables perform, and our Hybrid Inflatable Carbon™ Technology keeps us at the front of the pack. They’re so rigid they’re hard to differentiate between a hardboard.”

Continuing on the success of last year’s Stompbox retractable, spring-loaded fin, Hala is also debuting its new Low-Profile River fin, allowing a more customized fin set-up for whitewater. “You can choose from our four and half inch or low-profile river fins, or use any tab-style fin,” says Hall.

Article posted on SUP Connect.

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