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Hala Boardsport Source 2017

Hala Boardsport Source 2017

As inventors go, Peter Hall is more of a Steve Jobs than a Thomas Edison. The Denver native didn't create stand-up paddleboarding, but his innovation have fueled the sport's popularity since 2011, when he founded Hala Gear on the banks of the Yampa River.

For instance, Hala developed the industry's first white-water-specific, inflatable paddleboards, with novel features like a retractable fin that's optimized for rock-studded river currents as opposed to ocean surf or lakes. Then he pioneered a versatile paddle with a blade on each end, similar to those kayakers use (a handy feature for SUPers kneeling low in rapids).

And his latest innovation promises to truly revolutionalize paddleboarding: This summer, Hala Gear will debut five inflatable models that perform like hard boards.

Article published by 5280 Magazine.

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