Atcha 711 Wins Whitewater Board of the Year

Forbes Vetted just published its list of Best Inflatable Paddle Boards of 2023, and Hala Gear was among their top picks. In fact, Forbes Vetted named our Atcha 711 as the best whitewater SUP 

Forbes Vetted is a trusted section of that provides in-depth expert reviews to help consumers make purchasing decisions. In other words, it is an honor to be featured in one of their articles! Read on to learn more about the Forbes Vetted review process and why they chose Hala Gear.


The Forbes Vetted team of expert outdoor enthusiasts follow a careful process for determining who is the best. They rely on thorough research from a team of writers, experienced consumer advocates, and subject matter experts. Then, their staff editors doubly vet each featured product. When it came to Hala Gear, we stood out for three big reasons:

  • Stomp Box Technology
  • Rocker Profile
  • Durability

And to be honest, we’re not surprised. After all, we pride ourselves on innovative design and quality boards that will take you anywhere and last forever. Let’s take a closer look. 


Our patented Stomp Box Technology has long set Hala Gear Whitewater boards apart. The spring-loaded fin in a stomp box retracts when it hits obstacles like rocks or the river bottom. Not only does the stomp box fin give your board heightened precision and drive, but it also protects you from falling (or supermanning) off the board.


The Atcha 711 has a river rocker profile that makes it perfect for catching waves and navigating rowdy rivers. The River Rocker profile was specifically designed with a precise curve from tip to tail that gives the 711 (and our other Atcha boards) superior maneuverability, control, and surfability.


The Forbes Vetted Team valued durability when selecting the Atcha 711, and we couldn’t agree more. Through years of thorough testing, we have created inflatable paddle boards that withstand time, rocks, drops, and big surfs. 

First, our boards use a patented material and lay-up. Then we glue and weld each seam to provide longevity and durability to the trickiest part of the board. This process ensures that Hala SUP Boards can pass any durability test. But don’t take our word for it. We offer a 5-year warranty on every board, which speaks for itself.



We are truly honored to be included at the top of Forbes Vetted Best Inflatable Paddle Boards of 2023 list. When running and promoting a small local business, acknowledgment from a powerhouse like Forbes means everything.

Their recognition confirms what we have always embodied: A passion for adventure and a commitment to performance, durability, innovation, and quality.

See you on the river!

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