Low-Pro River Fin 1.5"


Low-Pro River Fin

Made for river environments, maneuverability, and low draft.

This low-profile fin compliments the Hala StompBox™ and provides precise tracking in shallow whitewater and river runs. We’ve maximized the fin space with a long body and click fin boxes.

The fin boxes were designed to become part of the fin and offer an increased surface area for even more control. The fin extends past the box where it is not anchored allowing it to flex if you hit rocks.


  • Four grub screws for securing the fins
  • Fits all Hala side click-fin boxes
  • Sold in packs of two

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Garrett B.
Good addition to the toolbox

Nice for low volume creeks!

Andrew A.
Nice to have Option

We just did a river trip and the river was quite low. We ran across several gravel beds and just barely made it through. If we had the normal fins in Im sure we would have jumped off and walked around. The fins provided just enough bite for the rest of the trip to not be skating all over as well. Nice to have when you know you’ll be in skinny water. Thumbs up!

Kirsten S.
Fins are easy to swap

Fins are easy to swap out and perfect for low Fall flows.

Hunter G.
Love these fins

I love these fins on my Halla Atcha 711 along with the 4.5 inch stompbox fin. It makes for a super loose and fun feel for surfing. For down water adventures in shallow fall water it's perfect! Super maneuverable for Rock dodging

Josh H.
Got these for my Hala

Got these for my Hala Rado. These are perfect for the river! Skip right over those low spots on the river.