Lila and Alex

Lila and Alex


Anchorage, Alaska

Favorite Hala board

Atcha 8’6 or 9’6 if furry creature is in front

How many years have you been SUPing?

5 years and 10 respectively

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Lila is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever who finds some of her greatest joy on the river. She boarded a SUP before she knew how to swim. Quickly honed her doggy paddle skills, often slipping off the front. Our first Hala Atcha was a game changer, having a wide bow with a grip that allows for hanging 10 through the big stuff. Although Lila tolerates a good surf session, she would rather fetch as we peacefully float. On work days, Lila can be found on Campbell Creek, which flows through the city. Bear spray is part of our safety gear, even in Anchorage. 

On our weeks off, we are often camping near a river somewhere in Alaska. We are fortunate to have a plethora of floats within a couple of hours of Anchorage. Some of our favorite rivers include the Kenai, Resurrection, Placer, Portage, Eagle, etc... Alaska has a lot of shallow creeks, which make the retractable fin a game changer. 

When Lila is not riding shotgun, you can find our Hala boards getting wet surfing the bore tide or swell in the tropics. I love to explore glacial lakes and drag a fishing line. We rarely travel out of the state without our boards as they are a core part of many memories: catching fresh dinner, watching humpback whales nurse, and paddling hastily away from a curious brown bear. Looking forward to the rivers melting to make new memories.