How the StompBox™ Will Make You a Better Paddler

The Hala Stompbox™ (US Patent US10046836B2), featured in all Hala whitewater SUP boards, is a revolutionary piece of equipment.

The Stompbox is the 9' center surf fin that retracts if your fin makes contact with rocks or a shallow obstacle. This box has revolutionized how SUP paddlers navigate whitewater. 

SUP boarding is a fun and exciting activity that can empower individuals of all ages and help them build confidence. Knowing your fin won't slam on the brakes means you can paddle more confidently.

What is a StompBox?

The Stompbox holds a fin that retracts into the board when it makes contact with rocks or the river bottom. Here are some quick facts about the Stompbox:

- Long fin = power. A 9-inch fin gives your board DRIVE. You can ferry faster and get where you want to be with more precision and speed.

- Surf's up! Catch surf on the fly with a fin designed to surf and track. Surf every wave on your way down the river, or just enjoy the precision control and performance!

- Paddle a shorter board. Your 9" StompBox fin lets you drive our shorter, high-rocker river boards, like the Hala Atcha 86 or the playboat machine, the Hala Atcha 711.

- More balance. The deep 9” fin gives your board secondary stability. Your fin is acting like a tiny centerboard on a sailboat.

- Speed supports balance. Your extra speed with the 9” StompBox SpringFin also increases stability - it’s harder to stay on a bike that isn’t moving forward, and the same is true on a board.

Let's take a look at how the Stompbox can help make you a better paddler.


Overcoming Fear

One of the biggest challenges for new whitewater SUPers is the fear of falling into the water. This can be especially true in lower-level rivers where a fall might mean hitting rocks.

In some cases, paddlers remove their fins to avoid hitting rocks. Unfortunately, a finless board is more challenging to steer and maneuver. 

With the Stompbox, you still have the tracking and steering power that come from having a fin, but without the risk of sudden stops from fin strikes.

Knowing they are less likely to Superman like Clark Kent makes paddlers more confident. 

Developing Technique, Focus, and Concentration

SUP requires the proper technique to paddle and maintain balance on the board. Each fall results in more time in the water and less time honing technique. Paddlers using a Stompbox are more likely to stay balanced on their board and develop their strength and endurance. 

Likewise, paddlers who aren’t afraid of falling focus more on their surroundings and where they need to be in the river. A focused and skillful paddler can step up their game and run bigger, more technical rivers. 

Having More Fun!

Falling off the board and hitting rocks can make river SUPing feel very frustrating and discourage would-be paddlers from trying. The Stompbox Retractable Fin leads to fewer falls and more enjoyment for new and experienced paddlers.

And as we know, any time spent outside enjoying nature's beauty can positively impact mental health and well-being. I would wager the more you are on the board and the less you are falling off, the happier you are.

Stompbox for the Win

The Stompbox Retractable fin is a fantastic addition to SUP that can help build confidence in individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, SUP and the added stomp box will help you overcome fears, develop physical and mental strength, learn new skills, and enjoy the great outdoors. So, try a Hala White Water Board and see how it can boost your confidence and overall well-being.


James Miller hails from the Highlands of Scotland, where he has been an outdoor instructor and mentor for over a decade. The only thing that makes him happier than dropping falls on his SUP is helping others excel in the great outdoors. When he's not scouting and running new rivers, James helps instruct instructors in various outdoor disciplines, including mountaineering, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and white water rafting.

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