Expert Advice on How to Buy a SUP

Like many seasonal sports, stand up paddleboarding can get pricey. What is the cheapest way to buy gear?

Shop clearance during the late season

Just as the paddling season begins to come to a close, be on the lookout for clearance sales. Many of Hala’s retailers are currently clearing out excess inventory to make room for winter gear.

Sign up for demo sales

Purchasing used demos is always cheaper than buying new equipment. Always ask your local shop or outfitter if they sell their used boards at a discounted price at the end of the season.

Love your Local

Visit your local paddle retailer that has knowledgeable representatives who can help you find a stand up paddleboard tailored to your needs and budget. Always see if you can test out a board before purchase!

Shop During the Holiday Season

The biggest way to save on new gear is to shop post-season. The best deals can usually be found around the Holiday season. However, the longer you wait, the less availability of choices! Expect to be flexible.

Look for a Gear Swap

Not only are Gear Swaps an amazing way to access high-quality equipment at a low cost, but they are also great ways to connect with fellow paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts in your community. Several retailers offer Gear Swaps, or you can find a local group on social media. 

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