Milligram Inflatable Surf SUPMilligram Inflatable Surf SUP

Milligram Inflatable Surf SUP

Peno Inflatable Surf SUPPeno Inflatable Surf SUP
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Peno Inflatable Surf SUP

$849 $749
Playa Inflatable SUP KitPlaya Inflatable SUP Kit
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Playa Inflatable SUP Kit

$799 $699
Atcha 711 Inflatable Whitewater SUPAtcha 711 Inflatable Whitewater SUP

Atcha 711 Inflatable Whitewater SUP

Playa Tour EX Inflatable SUP KitPlaya Tour EX Inflatable SUP Kit
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Playa Tour EX Inflatable SUP Kit

$1,299 $1,199

why choose a hala sup surfer?

5-year warranty

Durability is built into every board. Our boards are backed by a 5-year warranty thanks to our premium materials and bombproof board constructions, so you can feel confident when you step off shore.

game changing technology

No one is putting together all the technology that we are. Whether it's DoubleStack Rails and Inflatable Carbon Together, or the Stompbox 2 Retractable Fin and Welded Seams, we are shaping the sport and designing the best boards out on the water today.

Surf SUP Buyer's guide

Choose the Right SUP

Core or Versatile

want to do more than just surf?

All of these boards can catch a wave, but the Atcha 711, the Playa, and the Carbon Playa are more versatile.

The Atcha 711 is great for downriver paddling. The Playa can tour in open water. The Carbon Playa is a speed machine on a lake.

ocean or river

where will you paddle?

If you plan to catch waves on the ocean, we recommend the Playita, Playa, or Carbon Playa.

If you plan to catch waves on the river, we recommend the Atcha 711, the Peno, or the Milligram.

full package sup kits

do you want the whole enchilada?

Our versatile Carbon Playa and Playa boards come with an adjustable travel paddle.

Finding the Right Fin Configuration

time to experiment

Click Fins

Low-Pro River Fin 1.5"Low-Pro River Fin 1.5"
Sold out

Low-Pro River Fin 1.5"

Pocket FinsPocket Fins

Pocket Fins


Inflate in minutes

Outdoor Master High Pressure SUP Pump

Shark II High Pressure SUP Pump