Rado Inflatable SUP KitRado Inflatable SUP Kit
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Rado Inflatable SUP Kit

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Radito Inflatable SUP KitRadito Inflatable SUP Kit
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Radito Inflatable SUP Kit

Fame Inflatable SUP KitFame Inflatable SUP Kit
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Fame Inflatable SUP Kit

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What's the Difference?

Rado vs. Radito

Think of the Radito as the Rado's younger sibling. They have the same board shape and features, but are sized differently for different sized paddlers or intended loads.

Most people end up being comfortable on either board, but those who favor rigging for expeditions tend to go for the Rado while those who only need a SUP for day trips or lighter loads opt for the Radito.

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Trust in your gear

Ultimate Stability

The Hala Fame was originally intended to be an inflatable SUP for adaptive paddlers. Turns out, this makes it a great option for so many other types of paddlers, including anglers, yogis, and families with children and dogs!

Its wide body, flatter profile, and square tail shape make it ultra-stable. In turn, it loses some of the speed and manueverability seen in our other River Series boards.

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For the Explorer

Our River Cruisers come ready to rig for your next adventure. They are comfortable and stable for paddling in all conditions, including whitewater, choppy oceans, and calm lakes.

Like no other

The Stompbox Difference

All River Cruisers feature Hala's patented retractable center fin technology that has revolutionized the whitewater SUP world.

The StompBox 2.0 fin box is removable and allows for different length fins, making your ride as customizable as possible.

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Hassle-Free Guarantee

Durability is built into every board we make. Our boards are backed by a 5-year warranty thanks to our premium materials and bombproof board constructions, so you can feel confident when you step off shore.

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Rugged by Design

Looking for a burly inflatable SUP that can perform and take hard use? Look no further. Our River boards are now tougher and higher-performing than ever, thanks to over a decade of continuous obsession and design.

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full package sup kits

The whole enchilada

Every River Cruiser from Hala comes with a length-adjustable, 3-piece travel paddle.

They also come with a hand pump, center fin, repair kit, and rolling travel backpack to make overlanding with your SUP easier than ever.

Roll it out & GO

Made to Travel

We offer the highest-quality travel-ready board packages. Our River Cruiser SUP Kits come with everything you need for a fun day on the water, and then roll up quickly into the included backpack.


The Atcha Series: Unrivaled since 2011

Want More performance & play in whitewater?

Hala Atcha! More than a catchy phrase

If your goal is to stomp whitewater and spend minimal time on calm water, then one of the Atchas is for you! All three Atchas have unique qualities that set them apart from the rest.

Each Atcha features the StompBox 2.0, rugged River Series construction, and high nose and tail rockers for quick maneuvers and easy surfs.

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Our River Cruisers are ready to rig out of the box, but we offer even more options if you're ready to get completely decked out

Reel em' in!

#1 Whitewater SUP Accessory

stay safe & use correctly

Convertible Quick Release and Ankle Leash
Looking to spend more time on flatwater than whitewater?

Shop our All-Water Series

All-around performance SUP kits

Boards for everyone

Our All-Water boards are designed to get you away from the crowds and onto your own adventure. They're lightweight and durable with forgiving shapes to make any type of paddler happy.

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Inflate in minutes

Outdoor Master High Pressure SUP Pump

Shark II High Pressure SUP Pump