Diane Whitehouse

Diane Whitehouse


Placerville, California

Favorite Hala board

Hala Atcha 7’11 and 9’6. I can't choose, I love both!

How many years have you been SUPing?

4 years

Tell us a little bit about yourself

A resource for humans is what I do for a living and because I enjoy helping others. I have overcome many challenges in life and have no quit in me. Determined to make a better life for myself and my daughter, I chose sobriety 21 years ago and broke the cycle. I am always willing to share my experience, strength, and hope with others because we all have struggles throughout life, and we are never alone. 

I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle by properly fueling my body and staying fit with calisthenics, yoga, paddling, and many head/handstands. I’m all about being my true, authentic self with a heart full of love and acceptance of myself and others. I am a single mom of an amazing adult daughter who is my greatest joy in life. We have always been very close and active, which included sports, working out, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and being ridiculously silly (we laugh a lot). We started standup paddle boarding in 2020 and found our way to paddling rivers. This led to taking a lesson from The River SUP Guy, who got me on the amazing Hala Atcha river board. I am learning from the best get to paddle with a RAD Crew (South Fork Slurpee Squad!) that is all about encouraging each other and sharing the white water SUP river stoke. I’ve been unofficially reppin’ HalaGearSUP since I got my Atcha 9’6 in 2022. 

My Hala obsession and passion for this sport and the WWSUP community have been on fire ever since. I finally found the 4 Ps in life….Passion, Purpose, Place, and most importantly, my People. Heyyy People!! It took me half a century to find this and has been an incredible life-changing experience. I am still new to River SUP but have definitely been on a mission to gain river knowledge and paddling skills (pushing my limits safely) to continue to grow and share the RADness with others. I moved from the Bay Area to live near my favorite American River. I get myself and others out paddling as often as possible. I am honored to be part of this incredible team of inspirational, amazing humans. I’m here for it all and for all of you. Hala Atcha Girl, if you want to paddle!