Rado Inflatable SUP Kit


 | 10'10" X 35" X 6"

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The Hala Rado is the right inflatable SUP for a larger or expedition paddler who wants to paddle both whitewater and flat water. The Rado blends whitewater features, like a Progressive-River Rocker SUP profile and retractable 9” StompBox 2 fin system with a long waterline to hold speed and drive in rapids and in flat water.


Kit includes:

  • Lever-lock Adjustable Carbon Paddle
  • Backcountry Rolling Backpack
  • Hand Pump
  • Fin
  • Repair kit

Why the Rado?

  • Higher on-board weight capacity
  • Large, open-and-riggable deck made for overnighters and gear-heavy expeditions
  • Space for extra passengers (fidos and kiddos!)
Radito SUP Kit

The Radito SUP is a bit shorter and narrower than the Rado. It also features a Stompbox 2.0 and comes in a full SUP kit [10' X 34" X 6"]

5 year warranty

5-year warranty

Hala Gear offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on every SUP. We use quality materials and a unique construction process to create top-of-the-line boards that are built to last.

Every seam is double-glued and mechanically welded to guarantee durability for decades to come. No matter how many times you roll your board, how you store it, or where you paddle, your SUP will withstand any adventure.

  • Included with SUP: Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Paddle, Fins, Hand Pump, Repair Kit
  • Included Paddle: Leverlock Carbon Travel Paddle
  • Backpack Dimensions: Large (12" x 18" x 40")
  • Fin Boxes: Patented Stompbox 2.0™ Fin System, Two Click Finboxes
  • Fins: 9" Green Stompfin, Two 4.5" Green Gummy Click Fins
  • Board Shape: All Around Dynamic, Responsive Board Shape with RiverRocker and Swallow Tail
  • Board Construction: Thick Fusion Construction with Welded Seams and PVC Stringer
  • Rigging Options: 12 Soft Rigging Points with Nose Bungee
  • D-Rings: Tail D-Ring and Bottom Nose D-Ring
  • Handles: Rubberized + Reinforced Nose Handle, Rubberized + Reinforced Tail Handle, Center Step-Flat Soft Handle, and 2 Cloth Side Handles
  • Deckpad: Diamond Groove EVA Deck Pad with 1.5” Raised StompPad and Rear Foot Index
  • Board Warranty: Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty
  • Included Accessory Warranty: 1-Year Warranty

The Hala Gear Stombox 2 has been optimized for functionality and ease of transport. In addition to retracting upon contact with obstacles, helping you stay upright and on your SUP, it also now can be easily removed so you can take your adventure anywhere you want to go.

Hala Whitewater SUP Kit

This SUP can do it all

nose and tail handles for easy carrying. shock cord quick stash. 2 webbing side handles. 12 soft and centralized rigging points, diamond groove 4mm eva deck pad. tail d ring. soft, padded center step-flat handle. 2 removable 4.5

What's in the Kit

  • Adjustable Carbon Paddle

    Adjustable Carbon Paddle

  • Hand Pump

    Hand Pump

  • Fins


  • Rolling Backpack

    Rolling Backpack

  • Repair Kit

    Repair Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Melissa M.
Rock solid Rado

Me and my 80 year old river runner dad paddle our Rados all year. The Rado handles class 2 water with a dog and gear. It was home for 7 days on the Green River. We had starter boards but have never looked back once we got the Rado. Just bought our 3rd one for any tag alongs. Downside, yoga is no longer a challenge on this wider board. Oh well, I love it!

Lynne G.
Rado is a great complement

Rado is a great complement board to my Hala Hoss. These boards are reliable and top quality.


Favorite toy of the year. Stompbox 2.0 is a major selling feature. Comes with excellent carry bag, and pump and paddle. Great for floating down the river!


Favorite toy of the year. Stompbox 2.0 is a major selling feature. Comes with excellent carry bag, and pump and paddle. Great for floating down the river!

Josh H.
River slayer

The best board to get down the river!