Sam Salwei

Sam Salwei


Crystal, North Dakota

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Sam Salwei, co-founded YogaSlackers alongside Jason Magness. He embodies the spirit of adventure and innovation in the realm of balance and movement. Known for his exceptional skills in waterlining, kite surfing, and his new found love for wing foiling, Sam's passion for the water is as boundless as the oceans he explores. His constant attempts to kite on his Carbon Straight Up SUP are a testament to his constant pursuit of new challenges and his creative spirit. As a photographer, Sam has a unique appreciation for the beauty of balance and falling - capturing those fleeting moments of surrender to gravity, both in himself and others, with a keen eye for the raw and the real.

Sam's influence extends far beyond his athletic endeavors; he's become a cultural icon within his adventurous friends. "WWSSD" (What Would Sam Salwei Do?) and getting "Salweid" have become shorthand for taking bold steps, embracing change, and injecting a sense of adventure into life. His presence leaves a lasting impact, inspiring friends and followers to reconsider their own paths and pursue their passions with renewed vigor. While Sam has an undying love for water, he humorously admits a preference for warmer climates—unless, of course, the water turns to snow. He crossed the entire state of North Dakota in snowkites. Not once, but twice.

Sam's journey is a compelling invitation to explore the boundaries of what's possible, both on and off the water, always with a smile and a readiness to plunge into the next adventure.